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All Glassblowing classes take place between early October and the end of February*. After that, we shut the furnaces down until the next October. Ornament Parties fill up fast, so sign up before it's too late!

Blow Your Own Ornament

1 - 10 students

15 mins. per student

Ages 5 and up


Get a taste of what it's like to blow glass with a class that is fun and safe for all ages - from 5 to 95. You get to participate without having to worry about all the tricky stuff. It only takes 15 minutes per person, and 48 hours (after cooling in the ovens) you can take home you're very own personalized ornament. What's that? You're just visiting the area? And won't be around in 2 days? We offer shipping inside the United States.


We also offer Group Events. Want to give your child a unique experience for their birthday party? Need something new to do on a Girl's/Guy's Night out? We do everything from Beer/Wine/Cocktail Parties, to Scout Troupes,  Birthday Parties, and more. 


*Note: all alcohol or food is BYOB. We do not provide refreshments. We just provide the FUN.


Max. 10 people (contact me personally if you have more and we’ll work it out). The price is $35 per person, but group prices are availalbe

Blow Your Own Pumpkin

20 - 30 mins. per student

1 - 5 students

Ages 10 and up

Much like our popular Blow Your Own Ornament classes, our new Pumpkin classes are designed much the same. Kid friendly for ages 10 and up, this class is equally as fun for adults. Work with our glassblowers to create your own custom pumpkin for the Autumn season - one that can become a cherished family keepsake for years to come. Items are available for pickup 72 hours after appointment, once they come out of the cool-down oven. Shipping available within the U.S.

*Group and Party packages available

Paperweight Class

1 hr. per student

1 - 3 students


*children under 18 must have parent's permission


This is the first step in getting a hands-on experience in “Off-Hand” glassblowing. Here you will learn how to handle the blowpipes and tools, how to gather and shape the glass on the end of the pipe, and how to add details and colors to your creation. Paperweights are available for pickup 5 days later after it has come out of the "cool-down" ovens and has been "cold worked" (the rough, jagged bottoms ground and finely polished). Shipping offered within the U.S.


This is a required class for moving on to any advanced classes, the reason being that hollow forms such as cups and vases are inherently more difficult, and you’ll need to get your feet under you with paperweights before advancing. No previous glass experience necessary.

Hollow Forms: Cups & Vases

2 + hrs. long

1 student MIN.

4 students MAX


*children under 18 must have parent's permission


For the very first time we are offering a class in making hollow forms. In this class you will work as a team with other students to create a cup or vase form (one finsihed piece per person) and explore a new range of tools and techniques, while building on the students' understanding of color application and handling of tools.


*Must have taken at least one Paperweight class, or proof of previous experience.


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